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Feb 19

Visual Journal: Through the Door


Simple collage made with the pencil drawing from this piece.

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Feb 22



I was looking at pictures of Marie Antoinette online and found the elaborate hairstyles really interesting. Even if it was a wig, it must’ve taken forever to style every day. I really don’t have the patience to do fancy hairstyles, personally, but they are really fun to draw. I really enjoy using the Calligraphic Pen …

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Jan 26

Peach Soda

Peach Soda

(Drawn in Illustrator, coloured in Photoshop) (Why is Photoshop just so much friendlier and comfier to work with???) Another exploration of the piled-bun hairstyle. I like drawing hair buns… they’re orderly and easy, not like my curly Medusa hair :D I usually avoid pink things because it’s overdone, but once in awhile, it’s fun. This …

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Jan 25

Hot Cocoa!


It’s snowing yet again (groan, moan), and I’m padding around the house in thick socks, nursing a hot mug of tea. No better time than this to stay in and draw!   I finally tried colouring in Illustrator. It went pretty smoothly. I still don’t understand why the keyboard commands are different than in Photoshop, …

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Jan 24

No way!


The result of today’s fiddling around with Illustrator, and it’s gotten a lot more comfortable. I’m still colouring in Photoshop because I’m really confused by how layers work in Illustrator, but I’ll take things one step at a time. I’m proud of this piece! :)

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Oct 13

Through the door


This drawing evolved out of some stick-people doodles I did while listening to a lot of language-learning videos. Originally, the birds were inside the cage-dress, kind of like feathery clothing. When I made a second version, I realized that the birds were so trapped and that it would make more sense to free them. Once …

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Aug 31



I’ve been eating a lot of cupcakes over the past few days, thanks to Cakewrecks.com making me hungry. Then, I saw a photo online of a girl in a layered dress that reminded me of a cake. Basically, I have cake on the brain. And in my mouth. So I drew this today, and found …

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