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Jan 10

Coaster Toaster

My friend just moved into a beautiful new apartment, so as a housewarming gift, I presented her with the Coaster Toaster. Inside the felt toaster are four buttered-toast coasters, also made of felt. Basic instructions for the coasters (not the toaster) in the link below!

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Jul 24

Old to New: Taiko figurine

Awhile ago, we had to replace an old-style fluorescent light starter in our bathroom. Niki mentioned that it looked a lot like the little Japanese drum character from the Taiko No Tatsujin rhythm games, as they’re both cylindrical with two “eyes” on one end. I kept the little starter, thinking I’d make it cute at …

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Jul 23

Felt flowers I

felt 01 web

The weather has been pretty miserable lately, so I’ve been doing a lot of indoor activities. I’ve had these gorgeous felt brooches made by DesignedByJane to my Pinterest for awhile now, and I decided to try to make something similar. It required that I learn how to do a chain stitch, and I found this …

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