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Jan 20

Simple shapes 1

doodles 2

I just started using the messaging app called “Line” and it has some really cute emoticons. I tried to find an image of them online but I’m not sure what the emoticon set is called, but it’s the set on the lower right here, from this blog post. The emoticons use really simple linework, pastel …

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Oct 13

Through the door


This drawing evolved out of some stick-people doodles I did while listening to a lot of language-learning videos. Originally, the birds were inside the cage-dress, kind of like feathery clothing. When I made a second version, I realized that the birds were so trapped and that it would make more sense to free them. Once …

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Sep 06

Under my umbrella


It’s been non-stop rain all summer around here, and ironically, on the one sunny day all week, I end up drawing a girl with an umbrella! I was inspired by the lovely vintage Morton Salt ads, like this one: There’s several iterations of the Morton Salt girl, and they’re all really cute and eye-catching. Since …

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Aug 31



I’ve been eating a lot of cupcakes over the past few days, thanks to Cakewrecks.com making me hungry. Then, I saw a photo online of a girl in a layered dress that reminded me of a cake. Basically, I have cake on the brain. And in my mouth. So I drew this today, and found …

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Aug 23


bluebird web

I’ve never used water-soluble crayon before… I didn’t even know it existed! However, I picked up a set at my friendly neighbourhood Migros and had a lot of fun. It’s kinda smudged, since I’m still figuring it all out.

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Aug 12

Pink Girl

pink girl web

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Aug 09

Birds, birds, birds!

green bird web

I like drawing birds. They’re rounded, colourful, and comes in many (rounded) shapes and sizes. They have a lot of personality. They can be silly and clumsy, or regal and elegant. I did this one last week, and it’s a bit of silly and a bit of regal: I’m not sure what the issue is …

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Jul 12

Rediscovering pencil crayons


Spent my first day of vacation drawing (and subsequently straining my shoulder) and gorging on nectarines… my idea of a good time :) Tried something new– changing the order of “blue pencil sketch – pencil outline – ink” to “pencil sketch – blue pencil outline – colour pencil.” It’s an interesting effect, but the blue …

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Jul 06

Spaced Out, Part III

astro 02 web

Ink, digital   Getting a little obsessed with astronauts and space exploration! Learning to use Painter right now, and it’s made life much easier in terms of colouring and textures.

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Jul 06

Surf’s Up

stachman web

Ink, digital An accidental tribute to my idol, the great Commander Chris Hadfield? :D

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