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Sep 23

Herb harvest

herbs 02 web

I’ve been harvesting and drying herbs from my garden since early this past summer, and as it’s getting cooler, I’ve ramped up my harvesting to get the most out of my edible plants before frost is upon us. This year’s weather was pretty poor, so a lot of my plants didn’t get the sun they …

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Aug 16

Chandelier refurbish!

chand 08 web

Wow, I guess I’ve been away for a long time! Job hunting and trying to settle into a new home will do that, I suppose. Speaking of which, we’ve been living without a proper kitchen light for several months– we’ve been using a big round globe lampshade that was in our bedroom in our old …

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Dec 08

Hot tea and block printing

Ready to send

Above: my desk on a “Avalanche Threat Level: Green” day and my printing setup It’s snowing and chilly out, which means that it’s the season to start sending out holiday cards again. This year, I decided to challenge myself to block print my cards. I say “challenge” because, well, I seem to have so many …

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