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Jan 21

Simple shapes 2


Today’s continuation of the simple line drawings from yesterday, this time with lighter-coloured outlines and animals, while staying with the same palette as before. It’s getting a bit closer to the look I was going for, but not quite there yet. Will experiment further tomorrow.   Top Canary:   Curled Cat:

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May 10


sushi cat 03 web

This is Sushi, my neighbour’s adorable old tabby cat. She’s “deaf,” but can mysteriously hear the sound of a cat food package being opened. She’s also very good at lying on my patio and doing a perfect impression of a cat-shaped-puddle… like so: Cats don’t normally like me, so it’s a pleasant surprise to have …

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Jan 29

Misao and Fukumaru the Cat


These heartwarming photos by Miyoko Ihara tell the story of a little white kitten adopted by her 88-year-old grandmother, Misao, twelve years ago. They are inseparable– Fukumaru the cat follows Misao into the fields, into the bath, and bats playfully at her lunch. It’s inspiring to see the very active Misao growing and picking vegetables …

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