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Mar 23

Picky Bunny

picky bunny

Finally! Got this one done, after a month of half-ignoring it, since Easter is coming up in a week. This little bunny is pouty because it doesn’t like carrots. It much prefers… chocolate. And 20-layer crêpe cakes. See? Doesn’t that look delicious? I’ve spent days cajoling, bribing and scheming to try to trick my “live-in-chef” …

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Mar 11



Easter is coming up, and the sheer amount of bunny- and egg-themed sweets in Swiss supermarkets is staggering. I’m curious about the new vanilla-creme-filled chocolate eggs, myself, but out of concern for my dental and physical health, I think I’ll refrain from the giant bags they come in :D Anyway, I love drawing cartoon rabbits …

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Nov 26

Rabbits in the Park

rabbit 2 web

Minoru Park, Vancouver, Canada So many rabbits everywhere in this park! They’re not wild rabbits though, rather former pet rabbits that have been abandoned in the park by their owners. They’ve become a bit of an epidemic in the area, I’ve heard, as they’ve exploded in population and cause a lot of ecosystem problems. I …

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