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Jan 21

Simple shapes 2


Today’s continuation of the simple line drawings from yesterday, this time with lighter-coloured outlines and animals, while staying with the same palette as before. It’s getting a bit closer to the look I was going for, but not quite there yet. Will experiment further tomorrow.   Top Canary:   Curled Cat:

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May 17

Scribbler 1 – Balloons


I came across the Ze Frank / Mario Klingemann “Scribbler Too” drawing app, and it’s super fun! It gives simple line drawing spiderweb-like texture and everything feels organic and soft. If you make a mistake, just draw over it and make it part of the shading :) It’s really relaxing and I recommend everyone to …

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Jan 30



A new friend brought me these delectable pastries the first time we met a few days ago. Warmed my heart on a snowy day.

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Dec 11



Lugano, Switzerland.

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