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Jan 12

Autumnal window

Austria 01

A house window framed by climbing plants in autumn colours. Salzburg, Austria.

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Feb 28


sakura 01

Last spring, I was staying with my aunt in Vancouver, Canada. When the myriads of cherry trees in the streets bloomed, it was simply glorious. The air was perfume, sweet with a million pink flowers bursting forth out of the trees. It was so wonderful to stroll down those streets with each breeze bringing down …

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Jan 29

Photos from beer cans

Matt Bigwood makes pinhole cameras out of ordinary aluminum beer cans and takes long exposures of up to six months of skies in his neighbourhood. The results are absolutely fantastic! It looks like aurora borealis, dreamy and like a fairy-tale. Bigwood’s site is overwhelmed by traffic right now, but here’s an interview with him from …

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