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Sep 23

Herb harvest

herbs 02 web

I’ve been harvesting and drying herbs from my garden since early this past summer, and as it’s getting cooler, I’ve ramped up my harvesting to get the most out of my edible plants before frost is upon us. This year’s weather was pretty poor, so a lot of my plants didn’t get the sun they …

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Jan 10

Gluten-Free Cream Puffs

Gluten-free choux pastries

Cream puffs, with homemade vanilla sugar in a jar in the background   My partner made these lovely gluten-free cream puffs for me. I hadn’t had cream puffs in more than a year, so I was really drooling over this tasty treat! The recipe is from Beard and Bonnet, and can be found here.

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Nov 01

Birthday Brownies

birthday brownies

The Swiss have a funny fascination with brownies. In the United States and in Canada, brownies are pretty commonplace and the kind of thing that you’d pack for your kid’s recess snack. Here, though, people seem to get really excited by the prospect of homemade brownies. Thus, when it was Niki’s birthday, I was specifically …

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Aug 20


whitestrawbs web

Pineberries are white-coloured strawberries that have a very interesting pineapple-ish fragrance. They look exquisite, too!

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Apr 09

Apple tart roses

Oh boy… there are few things I love more than cooked apples. I’m not sure why, since I find fresh apples to be a bit boring… but if you make some apple chips, apple pie, or baked apples, I’ll be there gobbling it up. This gorgeous-looking apple tart is right up my alley: Apple Tart …

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Mar 23

Picky Bunny

picky bunny

Finally! Got this one done, after a month of half-ignoring it, since Easter is coming up in a week. This little bunny is pouty because it doesn’t like carrots. It much prefers… chocolate. And 20-layer crêpe cakes. See? Doesn’t that look delicious? I’ve spent days cajoling, bribing and scheming to try to trick my “live-in-chef” …

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Dec 08



Here in Zurich, stands are popping up everywhere downtown, selling these cute, traditional pastries in the shape of hearts. They’re called “lebkuchen,” and are made of a honey-sweetened and spiced dough, with a soft hazelnut filling. They also come with messages on top in icing, kind of like Conversation Hearts. These two didn’t last long …

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