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About Project Aika

Project Aika is a cozy nest located amongst the forests and hills in Zurich, Switzerland.

I am a self-taught visual artist who works primarily in block printing, digital design, ceramics, and textiles. Project Aika draws inspiration from my varied cultural background and my travels. I am currently open to taking commissions – requests can be sent via the form below!

I am passionate about nature and sustainability, and try to find ways to make products with eco-friendly materials and methods. Whenever possible, I use recycled or reclaimed materials; paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC); and non-toxic, water-based inks. I package minimally; upcycle waste scraps into new things or recycle them responsibly; and try to produce as little waste as possible in production.

Find out more about the Forest Stewardship Council at

If you have questions, comments, or commission requests, please feel free to contact me at: kiki (at) project-aika dot com or use the comment form below.



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  1. Finn

    Hey :)

    I have a quaggan fan page on facebook and I really like your art style, maybe you could make some really cute Quaggan Artwork for me?

    I will post them and of course link to your website.

    What do you think? :)

    Great regards,


    oh and late new year wish too :P

    1. kiki

      Hello Finn!
      Apologies for the late reply, I haven’t checked my blog in ages. I’d love to see your quaggan fan page, can you send me your link?
      All the best :)


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