Apr 10

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Kiwi Bird stickers!

Kiwibirds ad

After nearly a year and many abandoned sketches later, I’ve completed another two sets of stickers for LINE Messenger!

Kiwi Birds features a flock of the chubby and flightless birds from New Zealand, doing unusually colourful things and trying their best to fly. This set was super fun to make because the rounded body shape lent itself to some imaginative play on paper and digitally. It was a really relaxing process as well, and it took about one-third the amount of time it did the last time around, maybe even less. I think the results look pretty good, if I do say so myself :)

Also, fun fact, did you know that kiwi birds have eggs that take up a large percentage of their body cavity? Look at this:

38d7d772f64848445e57c286403b8be2(Photo from Awesci)

Quite strange, no?


The sticker set contains 40 stickers, including all the ones you see above and many more!

You can see previews of the stickers here:



See my other sticker sets for LINE Messenger here:



Thanks for your support! :)

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