Feb 19

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Visual Journal: Piccolo libro


On my way home, there was a sign that said “Gratis!” (“Free!”) and there were a number of English-language books under the sign, including Posy Simmond’s graphic novel “Gemma Bovery” and Amélie Nothomb’s “Hygiene and the Assassin.” I’d read the graphic novel before and loved it, and I was happy to be given a copy. I took the books home with me and when I opened the Nothomb book, this little note in Italian popped out. I asked my classmate, a Cameroonian man who spoke fluent Italian, what it meant and according to him, it says something like, “A little book that I was embarrassed to have enjoyed reading. Hope you enjoy it, too.”

My classmate was then very curious as to what kind of scandalous book I had found the note in :D

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