Jan 20

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Simple shapes 1

I just started using the messaging app called “Line” and it has some really cute emoticons. I tried to find an image of them online but I’m not sure what the emoticon set is called, but it’s the set on the lower right here, from this blog post. The emoticons use really simple linework, pastel colours, and characters with giant heads… just up my alley!


I wanted to try my hand at the style of simple, clean lines, no fussiness, but then I got carried away and forgot what I was doing with the colours and shading. I got fussy, as always. Oops. So there goes the simplicity, the pastels, and even the head size!


In any case, an astronaut on Mars, stepping out with trepidation! :)



This one looks a bit like me…

doodles 2


A dissatisfied ghost:


Line art done in Adobe Illustrator, colouring in Photoshop.

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