Jan 11

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Making lemon (tree tragedy) into (lemon tree) lemonade

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We recently had a record-breaking snowfall here in Z├╝rich, which also happened to be the first real snow of the season. Unfortunately, I thought my lemon tree would be okay on our covered patio, but after three days of snow, I noticed that the tree was looking really droopy. I brought it inside, but it was too late. All the leaves had already died and it was so sad-looking that I couldn’t bear to look at it when I walked past. I plucked off all the crispy leaves and decided to wait until spring to see if there would be some sort of miracle to revive it. In the meantime, having a tragic tree skeleton in our living room isn’t exactly very welcoming. I decided to make some mini birdhouses to decorate the dry branches. My inspiration came from Kat Button’s nests here.


The process is pretty straightforward: take some balloons, blow them up, cover them with paste and strips of paper from the recycling bin; after it dries, pop the balloon, and decorate with more upcycled materials. I used egg cartons, popsicle sticks, coloured paper, beads, old books, paper punch-outs, dried flowers, and silk flowers.

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This was also an effective way to get all the junk out of my crafting cupboard… I had tens of popsicle sticks saved up from this past summer, along with some old Japanese books I had taken from a library discard bin years ago. Even the beads are recycled– they were painstakingly peeled off an old paper bag from my ceramic club.

birdhut web 07

This one ended up being my favourite. I had emptied a hole punch onto a dish and rolled around the paper ball in it while the paint was still wet. The tiny punch-outs got absolutely everywhere, of course, and I expect to be vacuuming them off of my rug for the next millenia, but I love the result!

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The tree is still pretty forlorn, so I plan to make some more decorations for it. Anything to distract from the poor, lifeless branches!

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