Jan 10

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Coaster Toaster


My friend just moved into a beautiful new apartment, so as a housewarming gift, I presented her with the Coaster Toaster. Inside the felt toaster are four buttered-toast coasters, also made of felt.


Basic instructions for the coasters (not the toaster) in the link below!



-Packing tape




You can sew by hand or by machine. I used machine for the coasters and hand-sewing for the toaster itself.


1. Cut two toast-shaped pieces from thicker paper to use as the pattern. One should be larger, for the crust, and the other is the white part of the bread. Label them so you don’t get mixed up later on.



2. Using the larger “outer” crust piece, trace onto cardboard and cut out the shape. Do this for as many coasters as you want to make.



3. Use packing tape running horizontal to the cardboard’s grooves to reinforce the cardboard. Corrugated cardboard has a tendency to buckle, so the tape makes it a bit stronger and prevents water damage if you spill a drink on it.



4. Using the smaller “inner” bread pattern, cut out pieces of lighter-coloured felt. Again, make the same number of pieces as you did the cardboard pieces. Optionally, you can cut some pats of “butter” or “jam” to go on the centre of the bread pieces. I just freehand cut some half square, half blob shapes for butter.



5. Prepare two pieces of brown felt. Sew the inner bread pieces onto one of the pieces of brown felt. The brown felt should be large enough to fit the “outer” pattern piece, with some extra room (about 1.5 cm) all around. Then, sandwich the cardboard in between theĀ  two pieces of brown felt and pin or clamp together. Carefully sew felt pieces together, using your fingers to feel where the cardboard is and not sewing over it.



6. After the pieces have all been sewn together, it should look like this. Take sharp scissors and trim off the excess, being careful to avoid cutting through the seam. Finished!

Enjoy your new toasty coasties!


PS: I’m not really sure where my process photos for the toaster went, and I will add them if I manage to find them :)



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