Aug 09

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Birds, birds, birds!

I like drawing birds. They’re rounded, colourful, and comes in many (rounded) shapes and sizes. They have a lot of personality. They can be silly and clumsy, or regal and elegant.

I did this one last week, and it’s a bit of silly and a bit of regal:

green bird web

Pencil crayon on printer paper, colours are very washed out by the scanner

I’m not sure what the issue is with my scanned images, but they get very washed out and it takes a lot of tweaking in Photoshop to make the colours even remotely resemble the real thing. Oranges and reds tend to turn neon magenta… making for some really freaky-looking scans.

I did tons and tons of cartoon birds while listening to This American Life last week, but I wanted to try something today that I’d never done before… draw a more realistic bird. I decided on the flock of tiny cuties outside my window– the common sparrow. It worked out!

sparrow web

Pencil crayon on printer paper

Might be an idea for me to try to do more realistic animals from now on… I think it’s kind of a habit from my teenage years– avoiding drawing more realistically because I simply didn’t have the skill or the patience. Nowadays, I think I’m a bit more methodical about it. It’ll be an interesting area to explore, anyhow.


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