Apr 05

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Oh, er, hi! I guess I’ve been AWOL yet again, thanks to a demanding workload and feeling generally uninspired. However, while having lunch at the lovely Cafe Bar Odeon in downtown Z├╝rich yesterday, a friend of mine chided me quite a bit about my lack of creative project completion. Oops. Well, to be honest, being called out like that needled me a bit, but in the end, I know that what he said is true.

I drew this today while listening to a thousand Pimsleur German training recordings. My god, are those recordings boring and stilted, but they can come in pretty handy. The running girl is based on a doodle from my sketchbook:

sketch 01

When I coloured it, I realized that the eyes and the hair colour reminded me a lot of Pinky candy’s mascots, haha!


Well, here’s to more consistent creative successes! :)

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