Sep 28

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These are some of my beginner bonsai trees, all in flowerpots handmade by me. Excuse the messy patio, I really need to get on the weeding!

The gingko tree in the first photo is from Tree Project, a project started by artist Hiroshi Sunairi who has the goal of sending genbaku seeds (seeds from trees that survived the Hiroshima atomic bombing) around the world.

The apple seedlings (middle three plants in the second photo) are grown from apple seeds from the apples we ate. The far right plant in the polka-dot pot is an avocado plant, also from an avocado we ate. No sense in wasting perfectly good seeds :)

They are all very low-maintenance and hardy, and it’s mostly the moss that has trouble taking to the pots. All in all, bonsais are really nice to have around the house, especially when the weather is getting colder, as it’s like having a bit of the outdoors in your room.

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