Apr 02

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voxweb Eerily empty street on a Sunday in Strasbourg. Prints of this photo available here.

I went on a weekend trip to Strasbourg last week, and it was my first time in France. I was really excited about it all, and I wasn’t disappointed. The architecture there is marvelous, and the food exquisite. I did, however, take issue with the sheer amount of dog poop everywhere in the city. It was quite shocking, especially as a Zuricher who is used to dog waste disposal boxes every two metres and strict littering rules… and I admit that I cursed quite a bit over the fate of my shoes. The public transit system also left much to be desired, as we were stranded during the freezing weather at a rural train station for two hours because the train was mysteriously cancelled, with no explanation or replacement.

On the whole, though, the trip was a visual feast, with museums galore (cheap entrance fees and even free passes!) and interesting shops lining the streets. The shopkeepers are friendly and even ridiculously attractive, in one case of a funky clothing shop in the main square.

I have yet to sift through all the photos I took, but here are a few that I liked. All photos were taken with my trusty Fuji Finepix point-and-shoot, because we were travelling ultra-light.

doorwebflammekuechewebglassaustinwebYellow Mini. Prints of this photo available here.

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