Apr 15

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Strasbourg, Part II

cathedral web

The Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg. The architecture was just astounding, and the intricacy of the façade was breathtaking. Know what else is breathtaking? The crookedness of my photo. Yeah, sometimes a tiny point-and-shoot really doesn’t cut it.

reddoor web2

One of the doors of the cathedral. So beautiful.

votives web

Inside the cathedral.

chestnut train web

Near the cathedral was an adorable little locomotive selling roasted chestnuts and popcorn!

museum web

The courtyard of the quadruple museum– the Musées de la Ville de Strasbourg, which contains the Alsatian Museum, the Archeological Museum, the Decorative Arts Museum, and the Fine Arts Museum.


In the Fine Arts Museum, I came across two paintings that I particularly liked– the one above, “L’Ingegno” (“Love Triumphant”) by Giuseppe Crespi, and the one below, “Jeune garçon pincé par une écrevisse” (“Young boy pinched by a crayfish”). When I saw the first one, I immediately fell in love with the smoothness and elegance of it. The second one was a rare bit of humour and made me smile.


There need to be more funny paintings in museums!

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