Mar 19

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White Cherry Blossoms


I grew up with lots of fruit trees in my backyard, and when they bloomed in spring, it was glorious. The most beautiful of them were the cherry trees, their pristine white blossoms so different from their shiny red fruits in summer. Around the time that they bloomed was also the time when we had the first few sunny days of the year, and the blueness of the sky just underscored how white the flowers were. The grass would still be damp, but there’d be a wonderful, decadent softness in the air. There were little yellow bees like dancing sunshine, weaving in and out of the branches. Sometimes I get homesick for those shamelessly loud springtimes because I’m so far away now. The streets here are lined with carefully-trimmed evergreens, not those wanton spills of pink and white of cherry blossoms. It’s a different kind of springtime here in Zurich, a quiet, prim kind. Beautiful, too, but different.

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