Mar 04

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My tribute to delicious Japanese strawberries.

I never even liked strawberries before going to Japan. In fact, I hadn’t even known that strawberries could be sweet. Prior to this, I’d only ever had those monstrous, bloated specimens grown in greenhouses that were so sour they could only be eaten with a dish of sugar. Ick. But in Japan, I came across the “tochi-otome” type of strawberry. It was like eating rubies of frangrance and sweetness. Heaven.

According to this page, there are lots of different Japanese strawberry cultivars. They all have adorable names like “hohoemi kazoku” (“smiling family”), “hatsukoi no kaori” (“fragrance of first love”), and “ai beeri” (“love berry”).

Now that I’m living in Switzerland, the Swiss tell me that *their* strawberries are the best. I just smile and nod, but I’m pretty sure that the Japanese ones are better.

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