Feb 15

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Rocket Pop


(By Kiki @ Project Aika)

There’s something special about the rocket popsicle that makes it so enduring over the decades. I was surprised when I first came to Europe that they have them here, too. The primary colours and refreshing taste appeals to everyone, it seems!

I made this to try to get back into the groove of using the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop. I figured I’d get ahead of the curve on the seasons. This was made as a CMYK file because I wanted to print it as a poster, but converting it to RGB for web made the colours totally wonky, so I kept it as CMYK… at the mercy of individual browsers and monitors. If that is indeed how it works…? I’m still learning :)

While searching for reference photos of rocket pops, I saw lots of interesting ones, but this one was my absolute favourite: rocketimage

(Source: glennz.com)

Not sure who designed that, but it’s brilliant!

Off to do more Pen Tool practicing. Hopefully, I can churn out a bunch of poster designs in the coming week.

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