Jan 29

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Misao and Fukumaru the Cat


These heartwarming photos by Miyoko Ihara tell the story of a little white kitten adopted by her 88-year-old grandmother, Misao, twelve years ago. They are inseparable– Fukumaru the cat follows Misao into the fields, into the bath, and bats playfully at her lunch.



It’s inspiring to see the very active Misao growing and picking vegetables and fruit in her fields at an age that many would be decades into retirement. One gets the impression that this woman is full of vitality and strength, not to mention a sense of humour.



Both cat and woman exude a sense of dignified grace, a feeling of constancy and harmony.


These beautiful photos have been collected into a book by Miyoko Ihara, available here.

A photo gallery here.

Huffington Post article here.

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    I love the sweet photos and the relationship of the charming Fukumaru and your adorable grandmother!

    ~ Kuala Lumpur

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