Dec 23

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Lion’s door

lion door

I had fun folding paper butterflies to decorate the door when we had a summer party earlier this year for our family and friends in Switzerland. Since I was responsible for the decor, I decided to hop on the garland bandwagon and make butterfly garlands out of recycled paper and unsalvageable, vintage books (many bibliophiles are aghast at crimes against vintage books on Pinterest, but these were outdated, falling-apart textbooks that were about to be recycled anyway). My computer was being really crashy, so every time it froze, I’d fold four or five of these butterflies while waiting for the screen to unfreeze. It made the time pass faster and kept my hands busy, instead of rending my garments while wailing my sorrows :)


These butterflies are very easy and quick to make, yet they look really pretty when strung up with thread as a garland. I learned how to fold them here. The Go Origami site also has lots of other great origami tutorials, like this awesome flying heart. Origami is pretty great for last-minute garlands or for sprucing up your gift wrapping, and it’s handy to memorize two or three patterns to impress your nearest child… or adult.

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