Jul 18

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The City of Bears

shop window
A strange and interesting shop window in Bern, Switzerland

Bern is one of my favourite cities to visit in Switzerland– the narrow cobblestone streets winding up and down scenic hills on the way to beautiful parks, and centuries-old buildings tucked in between. Switzerland consistently ranks in the top five most expensive countries to live in, but Bern is refreshingly down-to-earth in prices compared with the more populous Zurich. There are many interesting shops and open-air markets in Bern offering everything from Tibetan-made goods, handmade jewellery, delicious pastries, and a million knickknacks… all at prices more affordable than in Zurich.

hat shop
A store that sells helmets and helmet covers

The city’s crest features a ferocious bear, and it has kept bears in its city centre for nearly five hundred years. Currently, there is a family of four bears living in the “bear pit,” and the antics of the cubs are adorable to watch as they climb trees and attempt to push each other into the water. The new glass enclosure makes it easier than ever before to clearly see the bears.

bear bathBear cub having a nice bath in the pond in Bern, Switzerland

Being the capital city of Switzerland, Bern is also home to various government buildings and the Swiss National Bank, along with many other gorgeous old buildings that are definitely worth a look. The myriads of caf├ęs lining the street downtown all feature patio seating, making it an ideal spot to lean back and do some people-watching.

If you have an afternoon to spare, definitely hang out here and relax!

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