Sep 05

Blue hair, don’t care

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I’m still here.

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Apr 10

Kiwi Bird stickers!

Kiwibirds ad

After nearly a year and many abandoned sketches later, I’ve completed another two sets of stickers for LINE Messenger!

Kiwi Birds features a flock of the chubby and flightless birds from New Zealand, doing unusually colourful things and trying their best to fly. This set was super fun to make because the rounded body shape lent itself to some imaginative play on paper and digitally. It was a really relaxing process as well, and it took about one-third the amount of time it did the last time around, maybe even less. I think the results look pretty good, if I do say so myself :)

Also, fun fact, did you know that kiwi birds have eggs that take up a large percentage of their body cavity? Look at this:

38d7d772f64848445e57c286403b8be2(Photo from Awesci)

Quite strange, no?


The sticker set contains 40 stickers, including all the ones you see above and many more!

You can see previews of the stickers here:


See my other sticker sets for LINE Messenger here:


Thanks for your support! :)

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Feb 19

Visual Journal: Save this Coupon


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Feb 19

Visual Journal: Piccolo libro


On my way home, there was a sign that said “Gratis!” (“Free!”) and there were a number of English-language books under the sign, including Posy Simmond’s graphic novel “Gemma Bovery” and Amélie Nothomb’s “Hygiene and the Assassin.” I’d read the graphic novel before and loved it, and I was happy to be given a copy. I took the books home with me and when I opened the Nothomb book, this little note in Italian popped out. I asked my classmate, a Cameroonian man who spoke fluent Italian, what it meant and according to him, it says something like, “A little book that I was embarrassed to have enjoyed reading. Hope you enjoy it, too.”

My classmate was then very curious as to what kind of scandalous book I had found the note in :D

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Feb 19

Visual Journal: Through the Door


Simple collage made with the pencil drawing from this piece.

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Feb 19

Visual Journal: Commander Fox

fox small

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Feb 19

Visual Journal: The Same As…


Lyrics to “The same as…”  by One OK Rock

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Feb 14

Old to New: dress to spring skirt

top image

I’ve had this dress for a long time. I bought it from the thrift store in around 2010 and wore it as a winter dress all the time with cardigans and thick tights underneath. At some point, it just got hard to put together an outfit with the dress without covering up the impractical top. The straps looked messy with anything underneath (even tank tops) and wearing it on its own just wasn’t flattering. Thus, the dress went into hibernation for awhile until I refashioned it into a skirt yesterday.


Here’s the starting point — there isn’t really anything wrong with the dress, other than the top being really unflattering on me. Well, it’s also now at least four sizes too big.


I started by cutting separating the dress into two parts, the top and the skirt. I followed the seams and just cut across. The dress isn’t of the best quality (originally from a mass retailer known for mediocre quality) so I discovered that a lot of the seams were crooked underneath where top meets skirt. I cut around the side zipper and kept it on the skirt part to use later (see photo below). Using a seam ripper, I then carefully removed the straps and the individual pieces from the top.
03 b
The two shoulder straps will be used later to finish the top of the skirt, kind of like a belt.

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May 18




My first set of stickers for LINE messaging service was released last week! It features a tiny, one-toothed dinosaur named “Toof” who likes to get up to no good. There are forty poses in all, including Toof in costumes (ninja, lucky cat, bird), Toof in various moods, Toof being mischievous, and Toof being just plain weird:

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.06.09 PM

Making these stickers actually a great learning experience, experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t work given the restrictions of a tiny smartphone screen and working with a set image size. I’m already working on a second set right now– if my schedule allows, it should be finished within the next month :)


Toof’s First Collection sticker set for LINE is available for just $0.99 here! One third of the proceeds go to the artists for LINE Creators Market (in this case, me!). If you use LINE and like Toof, your support would be deeply appreciated!


Link to LINE shop page.

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Feb 22



I was looking at pictures of Marie Antoinette online and found the elaborate hairstyles really interesting. Even if it was a wig, it must’ve taken forever to style every day. I really don’t have the patience to do fancy hairstyles, personally, but they are really fun to draw. I really enjoy using the Calligraphic Pen mode in Illustrator, combined with the “Pressure” setting. It makes the pen strokes really flowy and natural.


It’s been pointed out to me that I have an obsession with the colour trio of teal, salmon, and yellow. Guilty as charged! I haven’t seen the Kirsten Dunst “Marie Antoinette” movie, but the photos I’ve seen from the film have a lot of pastel tones, hence the lavender hair here.


Somehow, this picture makes me think of a chocolate box :D

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